About Us

My vision for my company was created many years ago and has developed sequentially ever since, but the critical time is now, today, seizing the present opportunity and continuing from this point forward. It has always been that way, but sadly for too long I didn’t realise that. I froze, hoping the end point would magically materialise. 

My father always told me “procrastination is the thief of time”; an incessant thief that will never relent, who will mislead you, paint the path of least resistance, gain your trust and divert your eyes and attention.  For what in return?  Missed opportunities, a reliance on excuses and if you’re lucky, some regret.  At least with regret, you acknowledge there was another option, you learn, but hindsight is merely a by-product of experience, and regardless of how much hindsight we accumulate, it will never be the catalyst for change in who we are and how we act. So, let us not be duped or diverted. Make a choice.  Move forward, because standing still will get you nowhere.  No more wasting time. Time for Action.

Action is the bridge.

Write it down, put it into Action, see it happen.

Throughout my life, especially when the chips are down, I have reverted to writing lists.  Writing lists on everything, from scraps of paper, to journals, diaries and post-it notes, all to formulate an idea, document a goal and to walk the path towards achievement.

Post It Notes Productions represents a refusal to procrastinate, a disregard to rational thought and a laser focus on progression;  penning a dream and therefore making a contract with oneself.

As a company and as artists, we are dedicated to telling stories that inspire, encourage positive thinking and fuel our constant drive as humans to evolve and be better. 

The journeys within stories, the experiences our characters must go through, coupled with the emotions we as audiences feel, allow us a momentary escape from our own reality.  A moment to reassess what can change and what is truly possible. Stories allow us to dream, offering respite from reality but more importantly inspire us to stop hiding and to seek greatness.

For now, the pen hits the paper, the ideas are set free, Action ensues and the future holds no limits.